Consultancy Services

Our consulting services help you to define and implement strategies, solutions and systems that will make your business shift gear to higher levels of sustainable efficiency and most importantly achieve real bottom line growth. We work with our clients to provide support and create highly effective solutions in predominantly three areas: Performance Management, Management Effectiveness, and Strategy Dynamics.

These services are offered in the fields of Corporate Performance Management, Performance Improvement, Leadership, Management Effectiveness, Strategy Dynamics, Management Consulting, Employee Performance Assessment, Competency Management, Succession Planning, Coaching & Mentoring Solutions, Training Need Analysis Services, Safety Industrial Process and Developing Sales and Marketing Services.

With our consultant’s outstanding expertise and substantial experience together with our prominent Automated Competency Enhancer System and Software (ACES Family), we are able to guide our clients’ people to develop approach, systems, and processes that will move their organization to exactly that higher plateau of performance. Therefore we are at ease in very different corporate as well as different cultural environments.

Our Consultancy Services;

1. COMBAR Consultancy Program.

Competency based Analysis Recruitment (COMBAR). As one of the main objective of COMBAR is to provides clients with unique opportunity in creating, shaping and identifying the employees strength through the right competencies of learning behaviour, all candidates performance score card evaluation will be based from Our Client’s Core Values. COMBAR Consultancy Program providing a tool for any organization with a unique opportunity in creating, shaping and identifying the leader competency gap strength through the right competencies of learning behaviour.

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2. Coaching and Mentoring

Committing to a mentoring process is one of the most significant statements a company can make to an employee about how much it values that employee and their future. SCOMA develops and certifies coaches and mentors within your organization to function as critical components of an individual’s successful career development

3. Measurement and Assessment

We provide standard and customized measurement solutions to help our clients identify strengths and opportunities that will increase their human capacity. These solutions are offered at both the individual feedback and organizational levels.

4. Project Management

We deliver on-site and public training to improve project management skills of both technical and non-technical associates in your organization. Our goal is to build the capacity of all who manage projects by equipping them with proven tools, techniques and best practices of project management.