ACES Product Family

The highlights of ACES are as follow:

1. Employee Profile Management– this will include Employment Information, Employment History, Education History and Training History

2. Employment Expectation – the ability to track how employee should perform using any combination of Key Result Area (KRA), Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and/or Job Description (JD)

3. Online Assessment
Employee Assessment – The ability to perform assessment based on existing Employee Expectation on-the-fly or using custom built assessment questionnaire targeted to Self, Peer, Superior and Subordinate.

Performance Gap Analysis – The ability to evaluate and analyse Performance Gap based on Expected Performance and Actual Performance.

4. Training Calendar – A mechanism used by the system to systematically and automatically suggest specific training program whenever an employee encounter specific performance problem which will allow any organization to develop training calendar tailored to specific employee.

5. Automatic Training Suggestion – the ability to automatically suggest the specific training program for any performance problem.

6. Training Provider Management – the ability to track and monitor efficiency of training program based on Training Assessment on Participant, Content, Trainer and Training Material

User Guide

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