Train The Trainer Certification

About The Program

This ‘Train The Trainer’ program is encompassed to unleashed, develop and enhance the existing potential employees of the organization into becoming ‘real expert’ and play significant roles towards betterment of the personnel, workplace & the organization.

This program will cover all required topics in becoming a trainer;

1. Characteristic of a Competent Trainer.
2. Fundamental of Adult Learning Principle.
3. Fundamental of Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
4. Design Training Programs.
5. Conducting Training Program.

The program will cover lectures, classroom activities, individual & group presentation and role-plays. In order to achieve the positive output from the participants, passive & active mode of learning will be applied from the Trainer & Facilitator

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, the participants are able to:-

1. To understanding and apply the difference between teaching and learning as well as learning styles.
2. To apply two (2) Adult Learning Theories or Principles and demonstrate a minimum of 2 Trainers roles in designing and delivering of training programs to any level of audience.
3. To develop session plan that can assist in creating competency based modules.
4. To conduct a training session by applying a minimum of two presentation.

Program Information

1. The program will be conducted in 5 Days.
2. The number of participants for the said program is 20 pax.