Systematic Competency Alliance Sdn Bhd (SCOMA) is one of the Training Provider approved by PSMB to conduct the GENERAtE Programme.


The “Certified Facilities Management Technician” is a very good program that shall be a sought after by industry players especially in the facilities management or building maintenance services. By looking at the county’s tremendous development in the constructions of commercial buildings, high rise towers, buildings and apartments, shopping malls, factories, government agencies and governments buildings, etc. As the basic needs for building maintenance and management is an essential aspect and requirements that have to be fulfilled. Besides the basic aspect of design and built, buildings have to be serviced and assets need to be maintained.

The requirement of skilled and competence manpower for these services are very crucial and critical as our country is still short of these technical expertise. The industries need to fill the gap for the overall operations and specifications of buildings management and maintenance personnel are very demanding from time to time.

Through this “Certified Facilities Management Technician” program, participants shall be given the exposure of a real operational scenario of facilities management and building maintenance through the modules content as what are the expectation of industry players and employers. The participant shall undergo the real content of the scope covered in the daily operational activities of management and maintenance services covering the key areas in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil & Structure, integrated information technology, quality management aspects that are in compliance of the statutory and regulatory requirements.

Upon completion of this program, the participant shall be readily prepared and available to be recruited in the organization as they are mentally, physically and technically prepared to be assigned in this industry.

Through this valuable program, the participants are not only given the chance to be employed but with sheer determination and commitment shown during their tenure with Chulia Facilities Management Sdn Bhd, they shall also be given the opportunity to be part of our team in Dubai since we are also operating in Dubai in the same field of facilities management and building maintenance with successful rate and credentials and soon in Cambodia. Besides the global perspective, participants of this program shall also be sought after by other similar industry player as they have the technical expertise and that value added skill with full exposures, needs and requirements in the facilities management and building maintenances services.

As for the revenue, salary increment and promotional opportunities participants of this program shall have the edge and advantage comparatively but overall performance in their job roles and responsibilities are also considered in this exercise.

In summary, this “Certified Facilities Management Technician” program is a valuable solution provider to fill the market needs and gap of industry players and in away or other shall also open up the door for employment opportunity.


1. To facilitate trainees with high end skills and competencies that are required by the industries
2. To provide relevant working experience that can enhance their employability
3. To explore new route/path for trainee’s careers and job placement


1. The program will be conducted in 37 Days.
2. The number of participants for the said program is 25Pax
3. 8 weeks (8 hrs per day / 5days per week).
a) Mechanical – 40 hours
b) Electrical – 40 hours
c) Civil & Structure – 48 hours
d) IT & System – 40 hours
e) Quality Management – 56 hours

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