Co-op Management System (goMemberPro)

System to help co-op manage the day to day operation including member registration, member profile, member contribution deduction, dividend and maturity, point of sales for mini market, loan and credit management, member resignation and member self-service kiosk and website.

goMemberPro system is designed and built around the co-op environment.

The highlights of these components are:

  1. Membership Registration – this is the entry point of a member to be managed throughout the membership tenure. Registration can be initiated by individual request or by batch submission. The system also allows on-line application submission.
  2. Member Profile – the system will at all times keep track complete information about the members which can be used as a reference point throughout.
  3. Member Contribution – the information on the contribution made throughout the membership tenure.
  4. Member R.O.I. – the information that show how much money cumulated from the dividend, bonus and maturity of the contribution made. Information on the payment made to the members upon maturity.
  5. Point of Sales – the sub-system that will be used to capture the sales as it happens at the point of sales.
  6. Member Loan Management – the management of loan processing, servicing and status update throughout the loan tenure.
  7. Member Resignation – the management of the member resignation initiation and processing along with calculation of the money to be paid upon resignation.
  8. Member Self Service – the portal dedicated for member to perform permitted self-service operation.