System & Software Solution Services

SCOMA offers a unified Business Service Management platform that simplifies and automates business and IT processes, improves decision-making, and orchestrates workflow across cloud, virtual, distributed, and mainframe resources.

Simplify and automate your business and IT processes: that’s exactly what SCOMA does. It lets you prioritize and orchestrate work based on business needs, so the big stuff gets done first. And since it works in even the most hybrid of environments, it doesn’t care if you’re distributed, mainframe, or running entirely in the cloud. Where to start? Start where you need it most, and add as you go — that’s the beauty of it.

We help you to define and implement effective and innovative ways to rapidly raise staff competency and skills to boost your corporate strategy and to deliver rapid growth.

Our System & Software Solution:

1. ACES Family Products

Introducing ACES – Automated Competency Enhancement Software. Our commitment to the training industry is not limited to teaching and sharing. We have extended our commitment in the area where no other company elsewhere in the world has gone to. We have developed our very own ACES – software that will help companies big or small particularly the big ones by automating the competency enhancement processes. This system and software are dedicated to human capital development and performance enhancement throughout the lifespan of every worker.

ACES Family system & software are;

  • ACES Enterprise ( Automated Competency Enhancer System)
  • ACES Pro ( Automated Competency Enhancer Software)
  • ACES Lite ( Basic Automated Competency Enhancer Software)

2. Co-op Management System (goMemberspro)

System to help co-op manage the day to day operation including member registration, member profile, member contribution deduction, dividend and maturity, point of sales for mini market, loan and credit management, member resignation and member self-service kiosk and website.